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Android Game Development using Android Animation and Graphics – Part 1

I was trying to learn Android Animation and Graphics. What better way to learn animation than creating a game :)? So, I developed a small Infinite Runner using Android’s Animation APIs only (No new Threads involved! 😉 ). This project involves usage of Android’s Activity, Intent, SurfaceView, Layouts, AnimationDrawable and ObjectAnimator. Yes, that’s a lot of […]


Combining F# And Xamarin Forms To Create Mobile Applications

via Combining F# and Xamarin Forms to Create Mobile Applications – Wintellect DevCenter.

While we certainly have been busy getting our hands dirty with Xamarin I’ve been doing some of my own. However, I’ve been messing around with using Xamarin with F#. I mentioned in a previous post that F# can be used very well for enterprise applications. Here’s an in depth look at F# with Xamarin for mobile applications.

But why F# with Xamarin, you ask? Well, it just turns out that I love working with both of these technologies and I got lucky that the awesome folks at Xamarin and Dave Thomas – who does most of the great work with F# for Xamarin – decided to take on F# as a first class language.