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Mongoose – NodeJS + MongoDB with Mongoose Tutorial

Mongoose – Node.js + MongoDB with Mongoose Tutorial
// Kogonuso
By Mohamed Sanaulla

Develope Node.js + MongoDB Application with Mongoose

In my previous post, I demonstrated how to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations using Node.js and MongoDB API. This tutorial explains how to easily develop Node.js and MongoDB application with Mongoose application by using the Mongoose API. This tutorial assumes that reader has the knowledge on Node.js and MongoDB and knows how to set up the environment for this tutorial. Those who want to read the basic tutorials on Node.js and MongoDB please refer Introduction to Node.js and How to Install MongoDB on Windows.

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Here is the overview of the sections covered in this tutorial.

  1. Introduction to Mongoose API
  2. Connecting to MongoDB using Mongoose
  3. Create Schema and Model in Mongoose
  4. Inserting Data using Mongoose
  5. Querying the DB using Mongoose
  6. Updating existing documents
  7. Deleting existing documents
  8. Example Application