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Why you should not use AngularJS

via Why you should not use AngularJs — Medium.

Much time has passed since AngularJS birth (given the fact how fast front-technologies evolve). Now on the internet, there are a huge amount of posts praising this framework, and the critics are not so many as it deserves. But such posts are slowly beginning to appear, and it pleases me. I hope industry will give up AngularJS, as it gave up MooTools, Prototype, %some new JVM language%, %another-super-modern-technology%. I don’t know why, but in the IT field such revolutionary technologies that raise the noise and then disappear appear quite often. A good developer should be able to distinguish another fancy technology from the running tool. In order to do this it is very important to look at things critically. My post is a compilation of the most important conclusions from other posts and my personal thoughts.

Angular creates a good “wow-effect”, when you see it for the first time: “wow, I wrote ng-repeat, and implemented this logic only with tags, and it updates by itself!”, but as soon as you have to implement a real application, but not another TODO-list, then it all becomes very frustrating. I just want to say that I know the framework well, even better than I would want to know it. I’ve been using it for two years already. So what is wrong with AngularJS? There is no definite answer, as there are too many flaws that create the appearance of the framework. One would say it is ill-conceived architecture.