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Video: AngularJS-Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

As web applications are becoming more and more complex in nature, MVC for web application is starting to look much more attractive. If you are thinking of developing a rich and complex web application then Angular is the way to go. It is much more than any other JavaScript library. It is more of a whole framework.

The above video discusses the superheroic JavaScript MVW framework in AngularJS and covers the following topics:

  • Why should we use AngularJS
  • What is AngularJS
  • MVC & MVW architecture
  • AngularJS features
  • How to build a responsive Single Page Application

Let’s start off with a brief introduction about the founders of AngularJS.

Founders of AngularJS

AngularJS was originally developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons at Brat Tech LLC. Initially, it was named as ‘GetAngular’. AngularJS is an open-source client-side JavaScript framework created by Google. It was designed for web developers and designers, who needed more control over their web Applications. AngularJS accomplishes a lot by embracing HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

AngularJS Basics

AngularJs is an open source structural JavaScript MVW framework for dynamic web apps.It helps with running single-page applications. Its objective is to augment browser-based applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, is an effort to make both development and testing easier.It amend and enhance HTML to better serve dynamic content through two-way data-binding. Read more>>

AngularJS Tutorial: A Comprehensive 10,000 Word Guide

Angular is a client-side MVW JavaScript framework for writing compelling web applications. It’s built and maintained by Google and offers a futuristic spin on the web and its upcoming features and standards.

MVW stands for Model-View-Whatever, which gives us flexibility over design patterns when developing applications. We might choose an MVC (Model-View-Controller) or MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) approach.

This tutorial serves as an ultimate resource point to begin learning AngularJS, the concepts and APIs behind it and help you deliver fantastic web applications the modern way.

AngularJS promotes itself as a framework for enhancing HTML, it brings concepts from various programming languages, both JavaScript and server-side languages and makes HTML the dynamic language too. This means we get a fully data-driven approach to developing applications without needing to refresh Models, update the DOM and other time-consuming tasks such as browser bug fixes and inconsistencies. We focus on the data, and the data takes care of our HTML, leaving us to programming our application.