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Truly Unleashing the Power of Maven and Java EE

via Truly Unleashing the Power of Maven and Java EE | Java Code Geeks.

Ambition and vision can be the undoing of great solutions, if they are too complex to use. While Maven and Java EE are technologies that are well established throughout the Java industry, it can be extremely tricky to get started with them and to architect projects using all the techniques and patterns that their authors intended you to use.

How often do applications, midway in the development process, not need to be set up afresh again because of a flaw that crept into their architecture right at the beginning? How much time is spent in drawing out and mapping the relationships between artifacts in an application, right at the beginning, only for all those plans and designs to gradually be forgotten and an unresolvable mess of spaghetti code to gradually arise instead?

Here is where the right tools are essential and, when looking at all the available tools that relate to Maven and Java EE, it can be seen that NetBeans IDE, in particular, has been created to be both “Maven centric” and “Java EE centric”. What that means is that NetBeans IDE does not simply “support Maven” and “support Java EE”. No, NetBeans IDE has been developed over many years around the ideas and architectures that the authors of Maven and Java EE have always had in mind for you to use.