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JavaFX Toolkit Not Initialized (Solved)

I am attempting to utilize the NetBeans Rich Client Platform (RCP) as a shell to manage plugins for an automated trading application which uses JavaFX for the UI, but no Swing components. As such, I have a module installer class which creates the JavaFX scene, but no TopComponent class which RCP developers are accustom to […]


JavaFX Application Thread Mysteriously Disappearing in Netbeans RCP / JavaFX App

I have a fair amount of pluggable infrastructure in place with the NetBeans platform for trading related applications. My latest application, “Atlas Trader” is being used to route our commodity trades through Quantitative Brokers. I want to take advantage of JavaFX for this project as it provides a cleaner MVC separation than Swing does, and […]


Automatically Sorting a JavaFX TableView

With the SortedList implementation of ObservableList, automatically sorting a JavaFX TableView nearly works out of the box. In fact, it does work out of the box as long as you are adding or removing items from the list. In these circumstances, the list and the accompanying TableView will automatically resort the data. The case where […]


MVC tutorial with the NetBeans Rich Client Platform (RCP) and JavaFX

This tutorial illustrates the creation of a small application based on the NetBeans Rich Client Platform (RCP), and JavaFx, which will monitor the prices of a few stocks and update the UI in real time as prices are updated.  The application will make use of SceneBuilder to create an main UI, and JavaFX property bindings […]