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Part 1: Building microservices with Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS

via Building microservices with Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS, part 1 | Callista Enterprise.

In the previous blog post we defined an operations model for usage of microservices. In this blog post we will start to look at how we can implement the model using Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS. From the operations model we will cover the core parts: service discovery, dynamic routing, load balancing and to some extend an edge server, leaving the other parts to upcoming blog posts.

We will use some core components from Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS to allow separately deployed microservices to communicate with each other with no manual administration required, e.g. keeping track of what ports each microservice use or manual configuration of routing rules. To avoid problems with port conflicts, our microservices will dynamically allocate free ports from a port range at startup. To allow simple access to the microservices we will use an edge server that provides a well known entry point to the microservice landscape.

After a quick introduction of the Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS components we will present a system landscape that we will use throughout the blog series. We will go through how to access the source code and build it. We will also make a brief walkthrough of the source code pointing out the most important parts. Finally we wrap up by running through some test cases on how to access the services and also demonstrate how simple it is to bring up a new instance of a microservice and get the load balancer to start to use it, again without any manual configuration required.