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Getting started with Netzke

via Getting started with Netzke.

Netzke is a set of Ruby gems that helps you build client-server components, represented in the browser with the help of Sencha Ext JS, and on the server are powered by Ruby on Rails. It’s most useful for creating complex data-rich applications that have to provide the UI to a lot of different data – think about banking, logistics, call centers, and other ERP systems.

In this walk-through I’ll show you how little time it takes to set up a simple application with 2 interacting grids that provide the UI to 2 associated (one-to-many) Rails models. As both grids will be powered by the Netzke::Basepack::Gridcomponent, you may be surprised with all the features like sorting, pagination, search, multi-line editing, etc that this app will provide out of the box.

So, let’s get started.