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Accessing Chronicle Engine via NFS

via Accessing Chronicle Engine via NFS.


Chronicle Engine is a data virtualisation layer.  It abstracts away the complexity of accessing, manipulating and subscribing to various data source so that the user of that data doesn’t need to know how or where  the data is actually stored.  This means that this data can be migrated between systems or stored in a manner which is more efficient but would be to complex for the developer to use.

The basic interfaces are Concurrent Map and a simple Pub/Sub.  Using these in combination with the stream like filters and transformation you can access files, in memory data caches, LDAP, SQL Databases, Key-value NoSQL databases and low latency persisted stores.

What we are investigating is using NFS as a means of access as well as our Java and C# client to access the data in a natural way.  This way any program on Windows, Unix or Mac OS X could use it. How might this look?