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Node-RED: Visual Node with SAP HANA

Node-RED -> Visual Node with SAP HANA
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Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things.


In other words…it’s NodeJs with a nice visual interface.

In order to make it work, we can do the following.

Node-RED for Topcoder Challenges with IBM Bluemix & Watson

via Node-RED for Topcoder Challenges with IBM Bluemix & Watson – topcoder.

For the past week I’ve been obsessed with Node-RED. If you are not familiar with it, Node-RED is an open source IBM technology for “wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways”. Since Node-RED is built on Node.js, this makes it ideal to run at the edge of the network on low-cost hardware such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi as well as in the cloud.

Similar in methodology to Yahoo! Pipes, Node-RED initially started as a visual tool for wiring IoT but has developed into a service that can do all sorts of crazy things. Installation is simple but to make life easier, IBM Bluemix offers a Node-RED template so you can get a web app up and running in no time.

I went through the “create your first flows” tutorials but I wanted to make something more substantial utilizing some of the super sweet IBM Watson services. Here’s what I created, and in the end, it was ridiculously simple to build. A video of the flow in action is embedded at the bottom of this article.

  • Calls the topcoder RSS feed for JavaScript challenges every hour.
  • For each new challenge, call the challenge API to get its details.
  • The flow only processes challenges where the type is ‘Assembly Competition’ and the total prize money is greater than $1500.
  • Translate the name of the challenges and its requirements into Spanish using the Watson Machine Translation service.
  • Save the Spanish overview of the challenge to MongoDB.
  • Tweet the challenge name (in Spanish) and a link to this application so that the Spanish requirements can be viewed.

Build a real-time chat app with Node-RED in 5 minutes

via Build a real-time chat app with Node-RED in 5 minutes.

Node-RED is a new open-source tool created by the IBM Emerging Technology team that lets you build applications by simply wiring pieces together. These pieces can be hardware devices, web APIs, or online services.

A set of Node-RED nodes to interact with Salesforce and Force.com

via jeffdonthemic/node-red-contrib-salesforce · GitHub.

A set of Node-RED nodes to interact with Salesforce and Force.com.

Sending and Receiving Data from the IBM IoT Nodes in Node-RED with the Intel Edison Using the Intel Galileo Quickstart Code

via Sending and Receiving Data from the IBM IoT Nodes in Node-RED with the Intel Edison Using the Intel Galileo Quickstart Code (Enabling the world: IBM Bluemix, the cloud and cool app

A favorite in Bluemix prototyping is the Node-RED interface, a wiring tool that simplifies programming by turning common functions into nodes that can be added, removed, and connected at will.  In particular, Node-RED is a rather magical interface that simplifies MQTT, a publish-suscribe messaging protocol, in such a way that just about anyone can connect a device without much effort.  What does this mean?  I can send data from a device with a few simple lines of code.

Send push notifications automatically with Node-RED and the IBM Bluemix Push service

via Send push notifications automatically with Node-RED and the IBM Bluemix Push service.

The application that you’ll build in this tutorial demonstrates how to push mobile notifications automatically by using the Push service in IBM® Bluemix™ with an instance of Node-RED. The application analyzes the Twitter sentiment score in Node-RED and sends a push notification if the sentiment score is three or higher.

Working with Bluetooth using NodeJS and node-red from Intel Edison

via Working with Bluetooth using Node.js and node-red from Intel Edison – CodeProject.

If you are working with Intel Edison then you must have already discovered that getting bluetooth to work in any sensible way in Edison is just a dead end. More so, if you are looking for a workaround with Node.js or node-red.

After hours of trail and errors, I could get it to work. So I am crating this page. Hope it saves someone’s precisous time!

I would tell you the logic first. Intel Edison Bluetooth does not have a Serial port service which is important for phone-Edison communication. Intel has a Python script that provides Serial port service. A mod of this python script was written to write the data to a named pipe which could then be read from programs like Arduino.

Bad news is that javascript does not and will probably never support named pipes. So we write a bash script to read data from named pipe. Now using a command line websocket we publish the data being received by this shell script.

Now we install websocket and ws ( a client) with npm to enable Node.js to work with websockets. Using websocket client we listen to our deamon server.

Android Mobile–> Serial Port–> Python Background Script–> Named Pipe—> Bash Script–> Websocket–>Javascript.

Don’t get afraid. Steps aren’t too complicated. It works like a charm.