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Creating a Secure (TLS) Node.js MVC Application

Recently, I investigated node.js and came up with a pretty solid pattern or starting project for an MVC style application. There was one problem – it used an insecure transport (normal plaintext HTTP). The world is moving towards universal encryption and I contend that this should be the default case even when developing. You can […]


TypeScript up in my WebStorm | TypeScript Editor Shootout @ TypeScriptPDX

Recently I joined a panel focused on TypeScript and a shootout between editors that have some pretty sweet TypeScript feature. Here is a wrap up of key features around WebStorm and the TypeScript. A quick definition of TypeScript from the TypeScript Site. If you’re interested in the spec of the language, check this out. TypeScript is a typed superset […]


How to create and publish npm modules for Nodejs applications

A short tutorial on creating and publishing a simple and reusable npm module for nodejs applications.


Debugging your node application using the Chrome Dev-Tools interface

Debug your node application using Google Chrome.


Mongoose gotchas

I am using Mongoose since last few months and while querying MongoDB in Node.js and getting results. While doing that I came up with some cases that made me scratch my head for more than couple hours just to figure our it is little ‘gotcha’ (may be because I did not read through all the docs of […]


Deleting NPM Packages with PowerShell

If you develop code in Javascript, you are going to use npm. It’s pretty much unavoidable at this point. All the good developer tools are distributed with npm. If you do this on Windows, you have a problem: My node_modules directory here is a result of installing gulp, gulp-imagemin and imagemin-pngquant from npm. Already my […]


Building a Docker Container for a Node Application

Thus far in my quest for Docker enlightenment I’ve discussed the pros and cons of Docker, installed Docker on an Ubuntu virtual machine, installed node on that machine and generally set things up. I now have a node application running inside Ubuntu. It’s time to move that into a container. One of the compelling features […]