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Video NodeBots: JavaScript Powered Robots with Johnny-Five

here no denying that JavaScript is everywhere! But did you know that you could also use it to interact with a range of Sensors (i.e. distance, pressure and heat) and control Actuators (i.e. servos and LED’s)? Attend this lightning talk to find out more about the NodeBots revolution!

In 10 fast paced minutes you’ll learn about how you can get started with JavaScript powered Robots using an Arduino UNO and the Johnny-Five framework. If you are interested in picking up some JavaScript, Node.js, Arduino, Robotics or Electronics skills then this is the lightning talk for you!

There’ll also be drones!

Control an Arduino Zero using NodeJS

via Control an Arduino Zero using Node.js – Hackster.io.

I recently received an Arduino Zero, arduino.cc’s latest offering. I’d been experimenting with nodebots, so I decided my first Arduino Zero project would be a nodebot.

Anna Gerber has an excellent tutorial for doing nodebots using Arduino at http://node-ardx.org/

Not only is it well written and suitable for beginners, it’s also open source. I’ve derived this project from her first tutorial, and I recommend referencing it.

Before starting, make sure you have node.js and the node package manager (NPM) installed on your computer. Here is a great guide for installing both on a Mac.

An Introduction to NodeBots

via An Introduction to NodeBots.

Many web developers out there would love the chance to build an incredibly cool robot that they can control via JavaScript, right? I’m here to tell you that this is already possible today! Right now. NodeBots have been around for a while and the community around them is growing like wildfire. In this article, I’m going to explain what NodeBots are, how they work and how you can get started tinkering away at robot creation.

This post is quite timely, as this Saturday 25th July is International NodeBots Day. A day where all sorts of people get together at various events around the world to build JavaScript powered bots and have a great time. So if you like the sound of all of this and are free this weekend, there may be a NodeBots event near you that you can get involved with!