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Python-based OCR package using recurrent Neural Networks.

via tmbdev/ocropy · GitHub.

OCRopus is really a collection of document analysis programs, not a turn-key OCR system.

In addition to the recognition scripts themselves, there are a number of scripts for ground truth editing and correction, measuring error rates, determining confusion matrices, etc. OCRopus commands will generally print a stack trace along with an error message; this is not generally indicative of a problem (in a future release, we’ll suppress the stack trace by default since it seems to confuse too many users).

To recognize pages of text, you need to run separate commands: binarization, page layout analysis, and text line recognition. Here is an example for a page of Fraktur text (German); you need to download the Fraktur model from tmbdev.net/ocropy/fraktur.pyrnn.gz to run this example:

Implementing Tesseract OCR in iOS

via Implementing Tesseract OCR in iOS – Ray Wenderlich.

Tesseract OCR is quite powerful, but does have the following limitations:

Unlike some OCR engines (like those used by the U.S. Postal Service to sort mail), Tesseract is unable to recognize handwriting and is limited to about 64 fonts in total.

Tesseract requires a bit of preprocessing to improve the OCR results; images need to be scaled appropriately, have as much image contrast as possible, and have horizontally-aligned text.

Finally, Tesseract OCR only works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

OCR library pure JavaScript (using Ocrad.js)

via yosuke-furukawa/okrabyte · GitHub.

okrabyte is an OCR library pure JavaScript for node.js. We use ocrad.js.