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Simplified Office Integration with the O365 Unified API

via Simplified Office Integration with the O365 Unified API | Xamarin Blog.

The world of Office 365 APIs is immense, with a plethora of capabilities that enable developers to access Office 365 and add rich functionality to their mobile apps, all from shared code. In fact, we’ve already covered several Office 365 topics, including integration of SharePoint Online, Outlook(Mail), andOneDrive, as well as authentication .

Office 365 CORS Sample for jQuery

via OfficeDev/O365-jQuery-CORS · GitHub.

This sample demonstrates how to use Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) for JavaScript to secure a single-page app written independently of any frameworks. Additionally, this sample shows how to set up ADAL JS to make HTTP requests to the Office 365 APIs, as well as how to use CORS to execute a request.

ADAL for JavaScript is an open source library. For distribution options, source code, and contributions, check out the ADAL JS repo at https://github.com/AzureAD/azure-activedirectory-library-for-js.

For more information about how the protocols work in this scenario and other scenarios, seeAuthentication Scenarios for Azure AD.

ECONNRESET error when connecting to Office 365 from node.js

via ECONNRESET error when connecting to Office 365 from node.js – Waldek Mastykarz.

The new Office 365 APIs empower us to build powerful solutions leveraging the capabilities of Office 365 using virtually any technology. Microsoft has been heavily investing to provide us with a variety of SDKs for different platforms other than .NET to help us interact with Office 365.

Office 365 APIs and Azure AD authentication flow are all modern APIs exposed as REST services. This means, that even if there is no SDK for your platform yet, you can still build an app using your technology. Once you understand the Azure AD authentication flow you will connect your app to Office 365 interacting with the data stored across your tenant.