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Performance Tuning Related queries

Monitoring session: =================== Find total active sessions,inactive sessions & logon time from each machine: =========================================================================== set lines 136 pages 999 col OSUSER for a20 col USERNAME for a20 col MACHINE for a30 col STATUS for a9 col MIN_DATE for a20 col MAX_DATE for a20 col CNT for 999 break on status skip 1 compute sum […]


Datagaurd Related queries

Switch To Maximum Availability Protection Mode Switch to the desired “maximum availability” protection mode on the primary database (from the default “maximum performance”): SQL> select value from v$parameter where name = ‘log_archive_dest_2′; — must show LGWR SYNC SQL> shutdown normal SQL> startup mount SQL> alter database set standby database to maximize availability; SQL> alter database […]


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