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Tracing Oracle background processes with Dtrace for Linux

I’ve been googling for articles on using Dtrace with Oracle databases. There isn’t all that much. I’ve found an article from Andrey Nikolaev on using Dtrace to investigate exclusive latches on Solaris. He uses this dtrace command to investigate the MMON process (in his case PID 16444): $/usr/sbin/dtrace  -n ‘pid16444:oracle:kslgetl:entry’ But unfortunately this doesn’t work […]


Database Migration/Move with RMAN: Are you sure nothing is missing?

Forced by the destiny to make a migration using backup/restore (with a little downtime), how to be sure nothing will be lost during the migration? Here is a way: Create your own data just before migrating. 🙂 Seems like a kludge and it is.. haha.. But it works. Take a look: # Original Database SQL> […]


How to Rename a Database in Oracle Database

1) Start SQL*Plus. 2) Close the database: 3) Change the database name: 4) Re-create the PFILE from the SPFILE: 5) Change the DB_NAME parameter in the PFILE. 6) Create a new SPFILE from the PFILE: 7) Create a new password file: 8) Open the database: 9) Exit SQL*Plus. Refer to section 19 of the Oracle […]


How to Estimate HCC Ratio in Oracle Database

1) Start SQL*Plus. 2) Create a temporary tablespace: 3) Run the following script: 4) Exit SQL*Plus. Refer to section 36 of the Oracle Database PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference manual for more information.


Video: Partner Webcast – Oracle WebLogic Server & Oracle Database 12c Integration.

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, the latest generation of the leading Enterprise-class Java EE Application Server, and Oracle Database 12c, the latest release of the world’s #1 database, have both been enhanced significantly offering several improvements in performance, availability, manageability and scalability tailored to enterprise business applications.

Oracle also makes sure to enhance and improve the integration between Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server, enabling seamless connections between middle-tier application logic and back-end database assets.

Deliver a complete, best of breed data processing platform, with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Oracle Database 12c,