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Video: Introduction to node-oracledb: the new NodeJS driver for Oracle Database

Want to write highly scalable, event driven applications? Node.js lets you do just that.

After a quick introduction to Node.js, this session dives into the features of node-oracledb, the new, open source Node.js driver for Oracle Database, which is under active development.

Introducing node-oracledb – a NodeJS driver for Oracle Database

via Introducing node-oracledb – a Node.js driver for Oracle Database (Scripting and Oracle: Christopher Jones).

When we announced we were working on a Node.js driver for Oracle Database, it was to a large, enthusiastic audience at Oracle OpenWorld. I’m excited to let you know we have just pushed node-oracledb to GitHub.

Node.js is an upcoming, open source, cross-platform runtime environment for writing server-side and networking applications in JavaScript.

Running Carsten Czarski’s node-oracledb WebSocket Example

via Running Carsten Czarski’s node-oracledb WebSocket Example (Scripting and Oracle: Christopher Jones).

My colleague Carsten Czarski recently presented on the node-oracledb driver for Node.js. One of his demos used WebSockets. It was a live demo, not captured in slides. I thought I’d explain how I got it to run in my Oracle Linux 64 bit environment.