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New Features in ASP.NET Web API 2

We can say there are mainly 5 new features are available in Web API 2. Attribute Routing According to convention-based routing, Web API 2 now supports attribute routing as well. In case of convention-based routing, we can define multiple route templates. When a request comes, it will be matched against already defined route templates, and […]


Testing Web API

Continuing with my previous post on Implementing Web API Versioning using OWIN, in this post I am going to show how to write unit test for your Web APIs. As we know that the beauty of OWIN is able to run your web application independent of the web server and based on this principle the […]


How to Self Host Web API 2 in Asp.Net web forms application using OWIN

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WCF services and enjoyed how it can be easily self hosted for testing purposes. I explored the self hosting options for Web API and provided one of the ways here. I used Web API 2 and Framework 4.5 for this. OWIN self hosting may not work correctly for framworks less than 4.5.