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Parses output from vmstat and feeds it to a statsd / graphite instance

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VMStat Statsd Agent

Publishes vmstat info to a statsd instance, to graph system performance data.



The application will run forever; simply kill it to stop sending stats.

To install it, simply clone this repository and run npm install in the resulting directory.


Statsd uses UDP. That means packets are fire-and-forget. That’s good, but it also means if the statsd server is down, this application will not notice.


Configuration is done using a JSON file named vmstat-statsd-agent.json which can be located in /etc,/opt/local/etc, ~/ or ./ (or all of the above, merged in that order). Possible values:

  • host – the statsd host
  • port – the statsd port – default 8125
  • tcp – true/false – use TCP instead of UDP to send stats to statsd – default false
  • prefix – prefix to prepend to stats, for use in graphite’s ui – default test
  • vmstat – the path to vmstat, default /usr/bin/vmstat
  • log – log output to the command-line as well, useful for testing
  • args – arguments to vmstat other than the delay – by default, log -S K to log in kilobytes
  • delay – interval in seconds for vmstat to report stats

If you use a JSON configuration file, you can also specify which stats are transmitted and what names are used for them. The defaults map names of output as shown in vmstats default output to friendly names used in stats using the mapping sub-object.
If you do not want to publish a particular stat, simply remove it from the mapping portion of the config.

Example Configuration File

Here is an example configuration file, showing all of the default values. These will be used automatically; if you have a configuration file, you only need include those items that are different than the defaults:

          "host": "ustatsd.timboudreau.org",
          "port": 8125,
          "tcp": false,
          "vmstat": "/usr/bin/vmstat",
          "prefix": "test",
          "args": "-S K",
          "delay": 10,
          "log": false,
          "mapping": {
                "r": "runnable",
                "b": "sleeping",
                "si": "swappedIn",
                "so": "swappedOut",
                "bi": "blocksIn",
                "bo": "blocksOut",
                "in": "interruptsPerSecond",
                "cs": "contextSwitchesPerSecond",
                "us": "userTime",
                "sy": "kernelTime",
                "id": "idleTime",
                "wa": "ioWaitTime",
                "st": "timeStolen",
                "swpd": "virtualMemory",
                "free": "freeMemory",
                "buff": "bufferMemory",
                "cache": "cacheMemory",
                "inact": "inactiveMemory",
                "active": "activeMemory"

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