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A boilerplate for quickly building APIs on NodeJS and Express.

via jakemmarsh/expressed-boilerplate · GitHub.

A boilerplate for quickly building an API on node.js and Express. Includes:

  • Authentication via Passport
  • Automated testing framework with code coverage results
  • Automated documentation

Authentication for Express using PassportJS

via Authentication Express using PassportJS – CODETutorial.IO.

Like any other web application your MEAN project need an authentication system to protect sections. User must register to visit some page or use some feature. For the Express framework the best solution you can take is to use a module called PassportJS. Passport can be use to authenticate users with more then 140 strategies like local storage, facebook, google or twitter.

In this first two parts tutorial we are going to setup a little application using the local strategies. Almost every login system use this strategies. We want to create some REST API to get this functionality working also on a single page application only using ajax call to the backend.

As we made in other tutorial we will start from the Codetutorial Seed ( you can find the tutorial here) or just clone it from GitHub.

Video part 2: NodeJS – PassportJS & ConnectFlash

On passportJS, specific use cases

via On passport.js, specific use cases.

In the previous post, I talked about the authentication flow and the flow for subsequent requests using passportjs. This post will cover some specific use cases.