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Update to Cyanogen Platform SDK

via Update to Cyanogen Platform SDK | CyanogenMod.

After the announcement of the Platform SDK in May we had a healthy amount of interest from users, CyanogenMod community developers, and third party Android developers. Since then we’ve had a stable release of the first version of the SDK, created further infrastructure to enable easier accessibility and maintenance, and expanded on the features available to third party app developers.

As a recap for release notes, the CM SDK hit a stable branching point for 12.1 on June 22nd, 2015. With this stable branching we’ve introduced a prebuilts repo which can be utilized to reference prebuilt, statically linkable java archives that match the current stable release. Likewise we’ve also updated the platform sdk’s wiki to detail everything from the downloading and including the jar in your own applications to the submission and testing process revolving around the infrastructure of the project.

The current stable SDK release is titled “Apricot”, and the java archive it represents can be found at theprebuilts/current repo and it contains the capability of the CustomTile API which allows your application to post its own toggles to the QS Panel within the quick settings drawer. A usage of the CustomTile API is exemplified by one of our OSS members in recent community releases as the backing framework forDynamic Tiles. These dynamic tiles within the OS now allow us to see things like active root sessions (per application) within our community builds.