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The PL/SQL NULL Statement, and why Every Language Should have One

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Syntax is one of those topics. One of those emotional topics that lead tovery very very important discussions. I personally like PL/SQL. It is extremely verbose, and precise. It forces you to adhere to a very strong and rigid type system, slowing you down, which is likely to help you avoid mistakes.

Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Coding Guidelines

Coding standards are important because they reduce the cost of maintenance. To enable database developers on the same team to read one another’s code more easily, and to have consistency in the code produced and to be maintained, I have prepared a set of coding conventions for Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. These are by no […]

PL SQL Find all objects in other objects

I wrote some code that allows you to find exactly where all references in scripts (sprocs, views) your objects are. This includes tables, views, indexes, sequences. Run it, and let me know what you think! WITH OBJECT_OWNERS AS ( SELECT ‘SYS’ AS OBJECT_OWNER FROM DUAL ) SELECT OBJECT_OWNER, OBJECT_TYPE, OBJECT_NAME, REFERENCED_IN_OWNER, REFERENCED_IN_OBJECT_TYPE, REFERENCED_IN_OBJECT, REFERENCED_IN_LINE, REFERENCED_IN_TEXT […]

PL/SQL find dependencies in other objects (v2)

I found that my prior code did not account for dependencies in views. Dammit, but there must be a way. I found it, and wrapped it up into one  semi-organized chunk of code for audit purposes. As always, let me know what you think. –FIRST WE NEED TO DROP THE TABLES SO WE CAN USE […]

Oracle Database driver for NodeJS

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1. About node-oracledb

The Oracle Database Node.js driver powers high performance Node.js applications.

Node-oracledb 0.2 supports basic and advanced Oracle features, including:

SQL and PL/SQL Execution
Binding using JavaScript objects or arrays
Query results as JavaScript objects or array
Conversion between JavaScript and Oracle types
Transaction Management
Connection Pooling

Statement Caching

Client Result Caching

End-to-end tracing
High Availability Features
Fast Application Notification (FAN)
Runtime Load Balancing (RLB)
Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
Node-oracledb 0.2 is a preview release. We are actively working on adding features including Windows platform support, LOB support, batch fetching / streaming of large query result sets, and DRCP support.

Share your feedback at the Oracle Technology Network Node.js discussion forum so we can incorporate any fixes and “must-haves” into a 1.0 release soon. Issues with node-oracledb can also be reported here.

The driver is maintained by Oracle Corp.

The node-oracledb home page is on the Oracle Technology Network.

Top Oracle Training and Certifications for Developers

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From PL/SQL tuning and SQL development, to Java, to Oracle application and BI report development, all of these skills are being sought after right now in the job marketplace.