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Password encryption in the Liquibase Maven plugin

The Liquibase Maven plugin requires us to specify the password of the database schema for which we want to execute a series of database scripts. It seems that the password attribute in the configuration section of the Maven plugin only accepts plain-text passwords. This is absolutely not desirable in enterprise environments. Luckily, we can take advantage of Maven’s standard solution for password encryption, a feature that was […]


Geb Gems: Running Geb Spock tests with Maven

via Geb Gems: Running Geb Spock tests with Maven – JDriven.

Geb is framework which makes it easy to create functional tests for your application. Since you can use Groovy, Spock and the elegance of the JQuery selector, you can setup solid functional test very easy.

In this blogpost we will make a simple test which will test a functional part of the JDriven website. We will start our test with configuring the Maven POM file. We need to add the following dependencies.