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Develop Portal using liferay I-Develop Portlet

Lets begin on  how to build a portal with liferay. Familiarize with below term while develop portal: Portlet. Theme Hook Layout Capability on develop those four components is necessary in order to build a portal. I assume you familiar with Java in order to develop portlet while 3 others component is good to have but […]


Converting struts 2 regular web application into struts 2 portlet

For converting the strut2 based regular web application into struts 2 portlet, following things will be required. Add Configuration Files Some portlet specific configuration needs to be added. Update Web.xml Struts 2 uses the filter as controller. The following filter configuration needs to added in the web.xml for controller. Add the Struts2PortletDispatcherServlet configuration in the web.xml […]