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Video: Going Hardcore on your Business Intelligence with Power BI

Microsoft has recently announced Power BI is now becoming generally available (GA). It’s a great time to start exploring some of the advanced functionality Power BI offers. In this session Adam Cogan will quickly bring you up-to-speed with Power BI, then get straight into the cool stuff. You’ll feel the fire of the Power BI Desktop App, connecting to data sources, building a data model and publishing the end result to PowerBI.com.

Adam will also talk about what your organization should be doing now… how to create custom content packs, the developer options and how to extend Power BI beyond what ships in the box.

With the recent acquisition of Datazen by Microsoft a new product comes into the mix, Adam will take you through the features and how it fits into the BI roadmap.

Monitor vehicle traffic using Power BI

via Monitor vehicle traffic using Power BI – Power BI Developer Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs.

Monitor vehicle traffic using Power BI – Today we have Spyros Sakellariadis, joining us again to continue our series of how to use Power BI to monitor real-time IoT events.  Take it away Spyros!   By Spyros Sakellariadis Who hasn’t wanted to have a personalized view of the vehicle traffic on the route to and from their office, for example? Let’s do it by getting data from a public data feed into Azure and Power BI! At the same time, this will serve as an example of how … http://ow.ly/31ZiQH

Power BI: Power Query, Machine Learning … And Zombies

Power BI: Power Query, Machine Learning … And Zombies

Well, with a title like that, I’m certain to attract the interest of some Smile!

Lately there have been many innovations around Azure and more particularly on the subject of Machine Learning and Azure Marketplace . It is now possible, since the Azure Marketplace, consume Machine Learning algorithms for integration into applications. … but also in Excel.

To illustrate these new features, I said, we will analyze the feelings of human beings in relation to their cousins ​​Zombies.And to do that, I’ll get the information on Facebook.

Getting Started with Power Pivot – Part I

Getting Started with Power Pivot – Part I

Welcome back to our Getting Started with Excel and Power BI Series.

In our previous blog posts we explored how to bring data into Excel through Power Query (Part I and Part II – coming soon). In this blog post we will take that data and prepare it for analyzing and visualizing in Excel.

To follow this tutorial you will need:

  1. Excel 2013