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Sentiment Analysis In Excel With Azure Machine Learning And Power Query

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You may have seen Joseph Sirosh’s blog post last week about the ability to publish Azure Machine Learning models to the Azure Marketplace, and that MS have published a number of APIs there already. There’s a newExcel add-in that can be used with these APIs but I noticed that at least one of them, the Sentiment AnalysisAPI, can be used direct from Power Query too.

To do this, the first thing you need to do is to go to the Azure Marketplace, sign in with your Microsoft account, and subscribe to the Lexicon Based Sentiment Analysis API. The docs say you get 25000 transactions free per month although there doesn’t appear to be a way to pay for more; that said the number of transactions remaining shown on my account kept resetting, so maybe there is no limit. The API itself is straightforward: pass it a sentence to evaluate and it will return a score between –1 and 1, where 1 represents a positive sentiment and –1 is a negative sentiment. For example, the sentence “I had a good day” returns the value 1:

Power BI: Power Query, Machine Learning … And Zombies

Power BI: Power Query, Machine Learning … And Zombies

Well, with a title like that, I’m certain to attract the interest of some Smile!

Lately there have been many innovations around Azure and more particularly on the subject of Machine Learning and Azure Marketplace . It is now possible, since the Azure Marketplace, consume Machine Learning algorithms for integration into applications. … but also in Excel.

To illustrate these new features, I said, we will analyze the feelings of human beings in relation to their cousins ​​Zombies.And to do that, I’ll get the information on Facebook.

Getting API results from Azure Machine Learning into Power Query

Getting API results from Azure Machine Learning into Power Query


If you are into cool new technologies then this blog post is for you.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a new service called Azure Machine Learning or simply #AML. It’s a cloud service that let’s you create experiments for data prediction and machine learning in general. (What Data Scientists do)

You can read more about this service here (you can try it for FREE!!). What really has mehooked to this is the fact that it you can integrate r, so you can create your R code and even packages and use them on the cloud without doing anything special – an enfortless system bound to make things happen (or predict what would happen).

This type of service is the one that saves hundreds of hours of development or tedious coding so I recommend you give it a try Sonrisa

Announcing Power Query support for Salesforce.com

Announcing Power Query support for Salesforce.com

Today, at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, we announced the preview of a new Salesforce connector for Microsoft Power Query for Excel. With this integration customers can now connect and work with data from their Salesforce accounts in Excel to build reports, visualize information and discover new insights. You can download this connector now (32-bit, 64-bit). Please be aware that for this preview to work you need to install the latest Power Query update.

You can watch the following video or continue reading this blog post for more details about this connector preview