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Quick set up Your Rails App

I am about to begin development on new application with Ruby on Rails. The following tutorial takes you through the first steps I took to generate my blank rails application on mac os x. This is where I will begin… This tutorial expects some prior knowledge of frameworks, ruby, rails, command line, how web applications work, […]


Laying out the Building Blocks to get Started

In this tutorial, I am endeavouring to get the base of my app looking how I would like it, so I can create an initial building block to start from. It will enable me to complete models as I go. 1. Following my previous tutorial, I will begin setting up the layout files for my […]


My Budget App – Adding more partials

Keep watching to see how I build My budgeting app. What are partials? Partials in rails are views which enable you to create layouts with multiple content sections. I am going to nest three content partial views within the right hand column (also a partial) of my app to render a budgets summary section which will […]


My Budget App – customise and migrate new models backed by posgreSQL

In this example I will be using rake and Active Record Migrations to create a new income model backed by a posgreSQL database. -First I’ll need to ensure I have included postgreSQL PostgreSQL is the default database on Mac OS X Server as of version 10.7. The standard version of Mac OS X includes only the […]


My Budget – generate new income controller and view with rails generate

Now that I have successfully created a model and migrated a database for income, it’s time to create an income controller and view to be able to access that information visually. The following terminal command will generate a new controller called “income_controller.rb” under app/controllers $ bin/rails generate controller Income As you can see, I have […]


My Budget Tutorial 7 – Form to Create & Update New Fields in the DB

Database Table: In my app/db/migrate it shows what information can be set in the income table. It also shows that all fields must be filled in for the form to be submitted.Views: First, I’m going to create an _incomes_form.html.erb partial is a data entry form which will allow me to input data regarding income information and then […]


A Guide to Objective-C for people who survived EEN 218 (Part 1)

Objective-C is the primary programming language used for developing applications for iOS and Mac OSX. It is a superset of the C language, meaning that any C code is viable as well as the added Objective-C functionality. If you’re only familiar with C++, C is almost the same except that it lacks some of the nicer […]