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Customizing UIKit appearance using protocols ProtocolUI

via Customizing UIKit appearance using protocols #ProtocolUI · central_<br/>dispatch.

I remeber exactly the very moment when I started hating storyboards. It was back in 2013, and I had to solve my first storyboard merge conflict. I didn’t succeed. I convinced myself that storyboards are tools for beginners because “real programmers write code.” We even had it written in our iOS coding guidelines at STRV: “unless the app is super simple, try to avoid using storyboards.”

It all changed with iOS 8, the iPhone6 and all these different screen sizes we had to support. I started using storyboards, and within a few weeks, I realized how powerful a tool it is. I fell in love. Of course, you can still write all your constraints for different size classes in code. But let’s face it, it’s not a way how to do an easily maintainable piece of software.