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Build a realtime liveblog with RethinkDB and PubNub

via Build a realtime liveblog with RethinkDB and PubNub – RethinkDB.

RethinkDB provides a persistence layer for realtime web applications, but the rest of the stack is up to you. A number of different frameworks and services are available to help you convey individual realtime updates to your application’s frontend.

In this blog post, I’ll demonstrate to use RethinkDB with PubNub, a service that provides hosting for realtime message streams. You can build realtime web application with PubNub and RethinkDB, taking advantage of PubNub’s cloud infrastructure to simplify development and scalability. To demonstrate how you can use PubNub with RethinkDB changefeeds, I’ll show you how to build a simple liveblog application.

Connect Arduino to PubNub in 2 Steps

via Connect Arduino to PubNub in 2 Steps – PubNub.

Arduino is a microcontroller and development environment that can be used, just like Raspberry Pi, to read information from its sensors and control other devices. Programming on the Arduino is extremely simple, which has led to its widespread use in interactive environments.

As with the Raspberry Pi, it’s a great (and low cost) starting point for experimenting with the world of embedded wearables and the Internet of Things.

This blog walks you through the steps to connect an Arduino to the PubNub Data Stream Network. This enables you to connect with a high volume of other devices at a global scale and start sending and receiving data between a wide variety of devices, including other Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices. PubNub acts as your communication layer for signaling and data transfer between embedded devices.

You can find the Arduino PubNub extensions here. For additional resources, check out the PubNub Arduino documentation page.