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Video: R And Visualization A Match Made In Heaven

Video: Twitter Sentiment Analytics on Bluemix with NodeJS, CouchDB, dashDB & R

Denoising Dirty Documents : Part 4

At the end of the last blog, we had made some progress in removing the coffee cup stain from the image, but we needed to do more. Adaptive thresholding has started to separate the writing from the stain, but it has also created a speckled pattern within the stains. We need to engineer a feature […]


How to setup R using conda

Using the conda package manager for R.


A Python & RabbitMQ bi-directional message queue abstraction from 1 server to N-clients.

RabbitMQ is a message queue server (which uses underneath a database repository (SQLite) to add some level of persistency to message abstractions in a communications channel. I would prefer to use a network database like PostgreSQL to provide db-oriented state tracking glue between components; however, RabbitMQ has a lot of rabid followers out there…  Parenthetically, […]


Writing basic wrappers to R basic commands to facilitate scaling up.

Although there are R packages that help implement disk-based data structures, R is positioned as memory based. Simply put, the most straightforward way to handle memory issues on R is to simply run on 64-bit platforms with plenty of memory like a larger m-type EC2 instance. For Linux systems it is also possible to create […]


Video: IBM Bluemix Twitter Analytics with NodeJS, Node-RED, CouchDB, Cloudant, DB2 BLU, dashDB and R

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