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Mongodb on Ruby And Rails (froscon)

Mongodb on Ruby And Rails (froscon)
// Kogonuso

Mongodb on Ruby And Rails (froscon 2010) from jan_mindmatters

MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, and Mongoid


Quick set up Your Rails App

I am about to begin development on new application with Ruby on Rails. The following tutorial takes you through the first steps I took to generate my blank rails application on mac os x. This is where I will begin… This tutorial expects some prior knowledge of frameworks, ruby, rails, command line, how web applications work, […]


[Ruby on Rails] [TDD RSpec Part 2] [Test Model với TDD]

Trong bài trước chúng ta đã làm quen với TDD trong ruby và các bạn cũng đã có cái overview về TDD rồi. Bài này mình xin giới thiệu các áp dụng RSpec để test Model.


Rails : Devise : What happens when you create a brand new resource (`user` in my case)

When you create a brand new resource that is mapped to Devise then it is obvious that it sends a confirmation link to the email. Along with that it saved the sent confirmation token in the database to verify it against the one that user later claims to be valid which he got from email.


Bootstrap it: Forms For your Route to personal Validations (or Creating a Simple Newsletter Signup Form with Ruby on Rails)

Okay, now that we have our Rails files all set up, let’s dive in file by file. Click to enlarge. Routes.rb tells the application what controller and method should be used when it receives a URL request. In the example above, when the application receives a request via URL, for the root or homepage of […]


How to Write Smoke Tests for an Ember Rails Stack

via How to Write Smoke Tests for an Ember Rails Stack | via @codeship.

The following story shows the importance of smoke tests when writing an app using the Ember+Rails stack. It covers the most basic example, and even then things go awry. In addition, it shows an example of an end-to-end test and some of the difficulty in setting up an environment for smoke tests. Finally, it mentions exhaust, a library that can ease this pain.

Imagine, you’re ready to start writing your next great application. It’s like TodoMVC meets Twitter meets eBay: Users will write down their To Do lists and auction off tasks to other users in 140 characters or less. Investors are very excited. You’re very excited. High-fives all around. You’re going to change the world, and you’re going to do that using all the right technologies: Ember for the client side and Rails for the backend!