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Video: Websocket + NodeJS + RaspberryPi = BOOM !

Video: Wiring the Internet of Things with Node-RED

The Internet of Things is not a single choice of technology, approach or philosophy. Its very existence is the bringing together of multiple platforms, products and protocols, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. One of the challenges of IoT is to make it as easy as possible to allow developers to make things, for play or profit, serious or whimsical, professional or hobbyist.

Node-RED is an open-source visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things. Built on top of node.js, it provides a light-weight, browser-based editor that makes it easy to integrate different streams of both physical and digital events. Its light-weight nature makes it ideal to run at the edge of the network, such as on the RaspberryPi. By making use of the huge module eco-system within node.js, it provides a framework for easily adding new nodes into its palette to extend its capabilities.

This session introduces Node-RED, demonstrates what it can do and how it can be easily extended.

Build your own Google TV Using RaspberryPi, NodeJS and Socket.io

Build your own Google TV Using RaspberryPi, NodeJS and Socket.io

Codementor Donald Derek is a conference speaker, an open-source advocate, a maker and an activist. He organizes, facilitates, and mentors startup events, and has also personally won several awards for his projects, including n!mp, a SoundCloud + Jamendo Music player with a web mobile remote app, and meeneeme, a Tamagotchi game based on your Foursquare checkins. He is currently a researcher at the MIT Media Lab – Responsive Environments.

Donald has also created the RaspberryPi-Tv, in which he shares with us a tutorial on how to build your own Google TV with it. This article was originally posted at his blog.