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Realm Objective-C & Swift 0.95

via Realm Objective-C & Swift 0.95 – Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & Core Data.

Realm objects are now Key-Value Observing compliant for most properties. Using KVO on standalone Realm objects has always worked as normal, but on persisted objects you would only get notifications for changes made directly to the observed object, and not changes made on other threads or via other accessors for the same object. This has now been fixed, and observing properties of persisted objects will now work correctly regardless of how they’re changed. In addition, you can now observe theinvalidated property of persisted objects to be notified of when the object is deleted from the Realm.

See the docs for Objective-C or Swift for more information on KVO with Realm, or check out our ReactKit or ReactiveCocoa examples showing them used with Realm.

Video: Functional Reactive Awesomeness With Swift

Functional or reactive programming? Why not both? Ash Furrow begins this talk with a brief history of functional reactive programming and ReactiveCocoa, before explaining the motivations behind its use. Along the way, he walks us through three excellent demos that showcase functional reactive programming in Swift, before discussing advanced concepts like MVVM in iOS.
This talk was recorded at AltConf 2015. Watch all the videos!


via A First Look at ReactiveCocoa 3.0.

This blog post takes a look at the new ReactiveCocoa 3.0 swift interface, which introduces generics, a pipe-forward operator and an interesting use of curried functions.

This is the first of a couple of blog posts I intend to write about ReactiveCocoa 3 (RC3). The main focus of this post is the Swift Signal class itself, with the next post building on this to show a more complete application.