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Enabling Kibana Authentication with Nginx

Kibana doesn’t support authentication or restricting access to dashboards by default.We can restrict access to Kibana 4 using nginx as a proxy in front of Kibana. This procedure will work and tested on RPM based flavours[eg :- Redhat,CentOS].In this setup Kibana is running on default port 5601 and nginx server is running on port 8080. […]


Monitoring the JBoss EAP / Wildfly Application Server with the Command Line Interface (CLI)

The JBoss EAP / Wildfly provides a powerful concept for management, configuration and monitoring of the JBoss Application Server itself and its Java EE Applications. The concept is based on the detyped management API. All management clients of the application server use this detyped management API to interact with the server. In this post we […]


Polling a JSON REST API using a custom Apache Camel component

via PALO IT – Polling a JSON REST API using a custom Apache Camel component.

If you have been playing around with integration frameworks, you are probably aware of Apache Camel, as it is one of the two big open source players together with the Spring Integration framework. While benchmarking Talend ESB and Redhat Fuse ESB products, which both include Apache Camel in their stack, I had the opportunity to dive a bit more into the concepts of the framework and figured there was some interesting material for a blog post !

The purpose of this post is to provide some guidelines to build a custom Camel component for your enterprise integration needs. Our example will show how to poll an external JSON-based REST API – in this case, the Feedly API – to periodically retrieve and process information – in this case, to log retrieved RSS feed titles.

RESTEasy Tutorial Part-1: Basics

RESTEasy Tutorial Part-1: Basics

RESTEasy is a JAX-RS implementation from JBoss/RedHat and is in-built in JBoss 6 onwards.
Here I am going to show you how to develop a Simple RESTful Web Services application using RESTEasy and JBossAS7.1.1.FINAL.