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Questrade API nodejs wrapper

I wanted to write a script using the Questrade API to help me rebalance my portfolio. I guess wrapping the rest calls behind a function wrapper is a good start. Here is what I started, feel free to help me out, or just take a look: https://github.com/dk1027/questrade_sample questrade.js is the wrapper around the REST API. […]


Sublime Hax: Setting System iPython to SublimeREPL

If you haven’t setup Sublime REPL or hacked it to use your system version of Python, please read my blog post on it. I been fiddling with the Python console in Sublime for some time but everyone in the data science community uses iPython as it has some additional features and syntax highlighting (not too […]


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JDK 9 REPL: Getting Started

via JDK 9 REPL: Getting Started – Miles to go 2.0 ….

Conferences are a great place to meet Java luminaries. Devoxx France was one such opportunity to meet Java language architect, ex-colleague and an old friend – Brian Goetz (@briangoetz). We talked about JDK 9 and he was all raving about REPL. He mentioned that even though there are a lot of significant features, such as modularity and HTTP2 client, in Java SE 9, but this tool is going to be talked about the most often. The statement makes sense since it will really simplify exploration of Java APIs, prototyping, demos in conferences, and similar tasks a lot simpler. This blog is coming out of our discussion there and his strong vote on REPL!

Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop has been there in Lisp, Python, Ruby, Groovy, Clojure, and other languages for a while. Unix shell is a REPL which can read shell commands, evaluate them, print the output, and goes back in the loop to do the same thing.

NodeJS v0.12.0 Manual & Documentation

via REPL Node.js v0.12.0 Manual & Documentation.

Table of Contents

Redefining Everything with the Swift REPL

via Redefining Everything with the Swift REPL – Swift Blog – Apple Developer.

Our first entry on the REPL covered just the basics, showing how to use the REPL to experiment with Swift as you learn the language. This post explores one way that the REPL bends normal coding rules to give you new powers when developing.

Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.0: A quick overview

website: http://pytools.codeplex.com

This video does a quick walk through of PTVS 2.0 including:
– Installation
– Intellisense
– REPL + IPython
– Reformat
– Django & Django debugging
– Debugging: local, remote, linux, mixed Python/C++
– Profiling