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Building a movie search app with ES6, Browserify, and Angular 1.3

via Building a movie search app with ES6, Browserify, and Angular 1.3 – Front-End Engineer and UI/UX Designer.

Today we’ll build a simple movie search app with Angular 1.3. Users will be able to search for a movie and view movie details. We’ll use Materialize, a material design framework, for our styles. Our app will have two main views:

  1. A search view that will allow a user to enter in a text input and search for a movie using the Rotten Tomatoes API and see a card of the results.
  2. A detail modal view for the movie details that will show all the meta information about the movie and can be deep linked to.

To get started we’ll set up our project using npm init and bower init, walk through the prompts, declare our dependencies and run npm install && bower install. We’ll use gulp for our build tasks.

iOS demo app using the Rotten Tomatoes API

This is an iOS 7 demo app displaying box office movies and top rental DVDs using the Rotten Tomatoes API. It is created as part of CodePath course work. See more>>