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ROR : TDD / BDD with RSpec : Initial Setup ( Copied )

RSpec Setup in Rails 4 An up-to-date testing environment setup for Rails 4, including RSpec, Capybara, and FactoryGirl. Gems Gems gonna used are:


How to reuse Rspec code with Shared Examples

Rspec Rspec is a BDD (Behavior-driven development) framework for the Ruby language. Rspec uses a DSL language for to write descriptive tests. DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) Some times, we need reuse code on RSpec tests (DRY). A good solution is to use Rspec Shared Examples. Example This is a small example. First we need create […]


[Ruby on Rails] [TDD RSpec Part 2] [Test Model với TDD]

Trong bài trước chúng ta đã làm quen với TDD trong ruby và các bạn cũng đã có cái overview về TDD rồi. Bài này mình xin giới thiệu các áp dụng RSpec để test Model.


Passing parameters to a Rspec example

Problem In a previous post, we saw how to reuse code in Rspec using Shared Examples. Sometimes, we need to pass parameters them. We can do it 🙂 Example This is a small example to pass parameters to a Rspec shared example. Conclusions Rspec shared examples are a powerful tool to reuse code on Rspec […]



This is a multi-part documentation of how to setup a CI/CD workflow in AWS. Some of the tools that will be used are EC2, Chef, CloudFormation, Jenkins, Rspec, and Apache. If you have questions feel free to leave a comment or track me down on Twitter at @devopshomelab Part 1 – Workstation Setup – The […]