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Reactive Programming in Swift

via ReactiveX/RxSwift · GitHub.

Xcode 7 beta 6 (7A192o) / Swift 2.0 required

This README.md describes alpha version of RxSwift 2.0.

You can find RxSwift 1.9 for Swift 1.2 here.

Don’t worry, we will be applying critical hotfixes to 1.9 version, but since the entire ecosystem is migrating towards Swift 2.0, we will be focusing on adding new features only to RxSwift 2.0 version.

We will support all environments where Swift 2.0 will run.

Firebase and RxSwift Extension Methods

via Firebase and RxSwift Extension Methods | waltza.

If you’re a Firebase aficionado and a fan of highly composable, asynchronous, event based iOS apps, then you’ve come to the right place.

Firebase’s iOS APIs are block/closure based. It’s nice and simple but once you application becomes highly reactive, stabbing closures with nested if/else statements and logical handles will come to haunt you. That’s why I subscribe to the Reactive Extensions libraries whenever I can!

Like’s reactify your Firebase event listeners into proper RxSwift Observable<FDataSnapShot>