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Safari 9 Kills console.log for Debugging

via ChocolateScript — Safari 9 Kills console.log for Debugging.

At the World Wide Developer Conference last week, Apple introduced Safari 9. Every version comes with flashy new CSS features and JavaScript improvements, this year no different. We got prefix-less CSS properties galore, and snap-points for CSS-based carousels. These allow you to define how the carousel scrolls through your content, snapping to the elements as you wish. This is a feature that was first introduced by Microsoft on IE. Later they proposed it as a standard. The current form of the stardard is slightly different from the original version introduced by Microsoft. It is currently supported by Safari and Firefox, with IE supporting the Microsoft version. Apple also announced support for new ECMAScript 6 features: classes, weak sets, template literals, tagged templates, computed properties, symbol object and object.asign. Somehow the fat arrow function for lexical “this” didn’t make it into this version. Yeah, I’m disappointed on that one.

The browser itself also got updated with new features. In particular, they announced pinned sites. But more importantly, they introduced a completely revamped Web inspector. Watching the presentation, I knew this was going to be huge for developers. Then I sat down and started using it on real stuff. Oh my God! My mind was blown. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

The Web inspector is useful for look at the DOM tree your browser has assembled from your code. This is especially useful when your site is put together from disparate parts or by consuming dynamic data.