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Interfacing Salesforce with Android

Interfacing Salesforce with Android

In this article we are going to explore building a simple native Android application that utilizes the Chatter REST API within the Salesforce Platform. To accomplish this, we will use the Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.1, which acts as a wrapper for low-level HTTP functions, allowing us to easily handle OAuth and subsequent REST API calls. The TemplateApp provided in the SDK as a base is really going to be your cleanest starting point. My tutorial essentially uses the structure of the TemplateApp and build upon it by borrowing and modifying from the REST Explorer sample application; this helps to ensure things are as straightforward as possible. We aren’t going to touch on every aspect of building this application, but instead cover the salient points, giving the reader a good starting point and trying to expand on the salesforce.com documentation.  This tutorial attempts to serve as a bit of a shim for developers are not overly familiar with the platform to use the API in a way that is presumably more familiar. A lot of what we’ll cover will complement the Salesforce Mobile SDK Developer Guide; throughout this tutorial I will reference the relevant page numbers from that document instead of reproducing that information here in its entirety.