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Debug compiled CSS and JS in Firefox using sourcemaps

If you haven’t used sourcemaps, now is the time! With the advent of compiled CSS like LESS or SASS, or minified/uglified JS, it makes debugging awkward as you cant see the original lines of code that you wrote. Cue CTRL_F’ing to find that line to tweak! But not any more! When you generate your LESS/SASS, […]


Deploying to Stamplay a React, ES6, SASS-based app without hassle

via Deploying to Stamplay a React, ES6, SASS-based app without hassle — Medium.

I am a JavaScript Developer focused on creating the front-end of applications with sophisticated tools, such as React.js and SASS.

Recently, my ideas are happening thanks to the power of Stamplay, anobackend technology for those front-end developers that want to go straight to the point: delivering value as fast as possible.

Using Sass in Your Ionic Framework App Like a Pro

via Using Sass in Your Ionic Framework App Like a Pro | Codementor.

Note: We assume you are familiar with Gulp & Sass

Ionic Framework by default uses CSS, but allows you to customise its default values using Sass.

All you need to do is use this handy little command ionic setup sass and you are all set. If you want a more detailed guide go here.

This creates a task in your gulpfile.js for compiling your sass file located at scss/ionic.app.scss.

This is all you really need to get started with Sass. But if you want to actually use Sass to it’s full potential with mixins, functions and modules, keep reading.

Passing data from Sass to JavaScript: sass-to-js

via Passing data from Sass to JavaScript: sass-to-js.

The number of sections in it had to be configurable. To do it usually you can add two config variables: one in Sass, one in JavaScript.

But I wanted to have config only in one place and reuse it in the second. That’s how the idea to pass data from Sass to JavaScript came to me.

Create a TV Show Tracker using AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB

via Create a TV Show Tracker using AngularJS, Node.js and MongoDB.

This tutorial will show you how to build a REST API with Express, authentication and signup process with Passport, create and retrieve data from MongoDB using Mongoose. The front-end will be built using AngularJS and Bootstrap Sass. The last step involves using gulp.js to optimize your static assets.

Working with sass scripts in Grails 2.3.X

via Working with sass scripts in Grails 2.3.X | Java Code Geeks.

Sass is one of the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language available. Before we can use Sass, we need to set it up on our project.

In grails-2.4.X, it is very easy to use sass through asset pipeline plugin. But with grails-2.3.x version, we need to follow these steps:

Video: NodeJS – Angular Build 3

Part of Angular Tools Training

This video covers: Brief intro to NodeJS and NPM

Article covers:

Node, NPM, Yeoman, generator-angular, Grunt, grunt-connect-proxy, Usemin, Bower, Compass, Bootstrap, Sass / SCSS, Karma, Jasmine, karma-ng-html2js-preprocessor, jasmine-given, jasmine-stealth, CoffeeScript, JSHint, Editorconfig, Chrome dev tools & Sublime Text 3 plugins.