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Ray tracing With ScalaJS

via stephanrauh/RaytracingWithScalaJS at v1.0 · GitHub.

This is the raytracer found at the scala-js fiddle (http://www.scala-js-fiddle.com/gist/9443f8e0ecc68d1058ad/RayTracer.scala), extracted to a Javascript application running in a browser without the fiddle.

Most likely, it has originally been written by Li Haoyi (https://github.com/lihaoyi/workbench-example-app/blob/ray-tracer/src/main/scala/example/ScalaJSExample.scala).

Bootstrapping the Scala.js Ecosystem

What does it take to go from a working compiler to a workable, productive platform? This presentation explores the range of libraries that needed to be built in order to turn Scala.js from a prototype to a product

Video: Hands-on Scala.js

This is a hands-on tutorial that goes through what it’s like getting started with Scala.js, introducing the project and walking through the experience of how to do common things on the Scala.js platform.