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Building a search-as-you-type feature with Elasticsearch, AngularJS and Flask (Part 2: front-end)

This article is the second part of a tutorial which describes how to build a search-as-you-type feature based on Elasticsearch, Python/Flask and AngularJS. The first part has discussed how to set-up Elasticsearch and a microservice in Python/Flask, i.e. the back-end part of the system. It also provided an overall view on the architecture. In this […]


At Work 04 : Custom Context Menu in search results PreviewPane (using Display Templates)

This post is about showing the context menu in SharePoint Search results preview panes using Custom Display templates. The solution provided here is not an OOTB menu that comes in Document Library ListView webpart. This is a custom markup and JS to render the options. I’m using a custom JS file(previewpanefunctions.js) where I wrote all […]


Installing Apache Solr on Linux as a Container

Have you ever had a need to do a recommendation engine (something akin to Amazon) for a website? Ranking search results? Search at scale is hard. Scale can be performance (how long do you really want to wait for the result back from a website), size (the Amazon search database is a huge database, I’m […]