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Meet-Up: SimpleFX a new Scala DSL, the bridge to Java/JavaFX and more, for developing UIs

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With this Meet-Up at January the 12th. the company Sandec will publicly do their first introduction of SimpleFX. SimpleFX is about a new DSL for developing, but not limited to, User Interfaces with a great syntax, a strong feature-set, being absolutely the optimal bridge to the JavaFX-functionality. To make this possible SimpleFX uses a Scala compiler. This opens the door to get fully access of the total JavaFX feature-set and you get access to all the essentials Scala is offering plus a set of powerful classes and functions built in by SANDEC. With SimpleFX you get empowered JavaFX functionality and using JavaFX becomes much easier and really efficient. Typically users of SimpleFX will discover now better ways of dealing with common UI-issues, like Animations, Binding, Event-Logic, Invariants and API’s. SimpleFX makes programming fun again!