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Available Resource: Software Engineer Team Lead

Download resume of Software Engineer Team Lead

Gibson Pasquini Nascimento is Software Engineer Team Lead has 10 years of IT Industry experience and 10 years of relevant experience. His current location is Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands and he is willing to relocate anywhere in United States. His area of expertise are Software Development, Systems Integrations (SOA and APIs), Scrum, Consultancy,  Java, Javascript. He is holding  Europe, Brazil valid Visa and looking out for sponsorship. He is available with in 4 week. If interested please E-mail him at gibson.pasquini@gmail.com or contact him at +310610291106.

Retail Reference Architecture Part 1: Building a Flexible, Searchable, Low-Latency Product Catalog

via Retail Reference Architecture Part 1: Building a Flexible, Searchable, Low-Latency Product Catalog | Javalobby.

Product catalog data management is a complex problem for retailers today. After years of relying on multiple monolithic, vendor-provided systems, retailers are now reconsidering their options and looking to the future.

In today’s vendor-provided systems, product data must frequently be moved back and forth using ETL processes to ensure all systems are operating on the same data set. This approach is slow, error prone, and expensive in terms of development and management. In response, retailers are now making data services available individually as part of a centralized service-oriented architecture (SOA).

This is a pattern that we commonly see at MongoDB, so much so that we’ve begun to define some best practices and reference architecture specifically targeted at the retail space. As part of that effort, today we’ll be taking a look at implementing a catalog service using MongoDB as the first of a three part series on retail architecture.

Video: API’s and SOA: Better together

Is SOA dead? is an API all you need? Join  IBM Product Manager Alan Glickenhouse  and John McNamara  as they take you through a journey from SOA to APIs and back again. Learn about how APIs and SOA are better together and how to use their synergy to unlock innovation and growth.   This is a live hangout and there will be time allocated for Q&A. So if you ever wondered what the difference is between APIs and services, and why you should care, come along and make sure all your questions are answered. Tweet your questions to #IBMIntegration

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Building Fluid Enterprise Applications with ExtJS

Modern enterprise applications need to span functional roles and organizational units to provide seamless, integrated business and user processes. Traditional approaches using SOA-based architectures are effort intensive and fall short of the desired application agility and adaptability. They are expected to have the flexibility to support rapidly changing business and user needs in aggressive time frames.

Sencha ExtJS, with its robust front-end MVC framework and data access capabilities, offers an alternative architectural approach based on front-end, scripted integration that enables building fluid enterprise applications. With front-end integration, it is possible to create feature-rich applications that can evolve to support changing business processes, organizational structures, and new product offerings.

In this webinar, OpenCrowd will demonstrate how front-end integration techniques with Sencha ExtJS can benefit enterprise application development initiatives. We will also share our experience with front-end integration via a reference application and workable approaches to common enterprise application integration needs.
OpenCrowd (opencrowd.com) is a design and technology services firm focused on building custom enterprise applications.

Customer Experience & #SOA Integration Demo”


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