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Filtering files by name in CKEditor’s file browser dialog in Liferay

After I reach the point where I think that my topics covering Liferay are finally done I encounter another task at work which I should solve. Now it is the filtering of file names in the CKEditor file browser. This goes hand in hand with my previous article where I introduced an ext-plugin which can […]


Sorting part 1

I think that sorting algorithms are good starting point in learning programming. So let’s look how to implement sorting in F#. On fsharpforfunandprofit page we have a great example of how to implementing quicksort. The code is so compact! Just look at it: In this example we are partition list by by the first element. But […]


Sorting part 2

Now let’s try to implement some other sorting algorithms. Let’s start with selectsort. We have a list of elements that we want to sort. We can divide it into two parts, sorted and unsorted.  In selectsort in each step we have to select smallest element from the unsorted part of the list and put it […]