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Installing Apache Solr on Linux as a Container

Have you ever had a need to do a recommendation engine (something akin to Amazon) for a website? Ranking search results? Search at scale is hard. Scale can be performance (how long do you really want to wait for the result back from a website), size (the Amazon search database is a huge database, I’m […]


Installing Java Runtime in Azure Cloud Services with Chocolatey

via Installing Java Runtime in Azure Cloud Services with Chocolatey – Raj’s Cloud MusingsRaj’s Cloud Musings.

I recently wrote a blog post about installing Splunk on Azure Web/Worker roles with the help of a startup task. You can see that blog post here. In this blog post I will show you how to install Java runtime in web/worker roles. Azure Web/Worker roles are stateless so the only way to install third party software or tweak windows features on web/worker roles is via startup tasks.

Linux users have had the benefit of tools like apt, yum etc to download and install software via command line. Chocolatey provides you with similar functionality on Windows Platform. If you into DevOps and automation on Windows platform you should check out Chocolatey here. It has nearly 15000 packages already available.

Senior Java QM Engineer at Beaverton, OR

Role: Senior Java QM Engineer
Location: Beaverton, OR

Note: Interested candidates can send me your updated resume at kdinesh@prokarma.com or reach me at (402) 905 9212. Please share or like this post.

What You Need for this Position
• Strong communication skills.
• Experience developing automated integration and performance tests.
• Strong (demonstrable) knowledge and hands-on experience with Java.
• Demonstrable knowledge of at least one scripting language such as JavaScript, Python, Bash, etc…
• Experience with Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, etc).
• Experience developing in a continuous integration environment using Jenkins or similar CI frameworks.

Preferred if you have the following:
• Experience maintaining gradle builds.
• Experience using NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, Mongo or Couchbase.
• Experience with Netflix OSS technologies.
• Experience integrating with or utilizing production monitoring technologies such as New Relic or Splunk.