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Building JAX-RS REST api using Spring 4, Jersey and Gradle. Part 1: Setting up the project and dependencies in Gradle

In this series of blog post I would be demonstrating developing REST api using Spring 4 and Jersey. With Gradle for build and dependency management.Also, we would be using Spring Java configuration for all the spring bean dependency injection. We would be using the following: Spring 4, configuration using Spring Java configuration(@Configuration) Jersey 2.19 Gradle […]


Building JAX-RS REST api using Spring 4, Jersey and Gradle. Part 2: Setting up Spring and Jersey.

In this part we will focus on configuring Jersey and Spring 4 in the web application, remember we are going to configure Spring in java classes. The previous part is available here. And you could get the code for these two parts from git repo Add the following to deployment descriptor(web.xml). We will take a […]