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Java – Spring MVC using Hibernate (Annotation)

Here is an example of Spring MVC using Hibernate to perform CRUD operations. Tools: IntelliJ 14 IDE Java SDK 7 Maven 3 Hibernate 4 Spring Framework 4 Tomcat 7 MySQL 5 Project Structure Table data To start, we’ll create a database and table in MySQL. To keep things simple, we only create one table. Maven dependencies Next we […]


Java – Spring Security Bare Essentials (Annotated)

Tools: IntelliJ IDEA 14 Maven 3 Spring Security 4 Spring MVC 4 Tomcat 7 This guide is focused on providing the bare minimum for setting up a secured website (and assumes you can successfully run your site locally using Spring). The tools listed above is what I use to run my project so that will […]


How to use the resource phase of a portlet ?

Usually when we have to make an AJAX call or when the user should download a file  from a portlet we use the “Resource Phase” of a portlet.


How to create a Custom EL Function?

Today we will see that how should we can implement an EL Function that Helps to us for Our EL Implementation in to a JSP Page. First of all, lets understand, what is EL (EXPRESSION LANGUAGE)? EL enables the dynamic resolution of Java Methods and Objects into JSP page. EL expression take the form of […]


Spring Batch Scheduler Example

via Spring Batch Scheduler Example | Examples Java Code Geeks.

In this article we present a simple example of using Spring Batch Scheduler. We will demonstrate how to configure a job and then trigger it periodically using the Spring Batch Scheduler. This example will be based on XML configuration. Following are the tools and libraries used in this example.

  • Eclipse Helios
  • Spring 4.0.5.RELEASE
  • Spring Batch 3.0.4.RELEASE
  • JDBC 4.0.5.RELEASE
  • HSQL

Understanding Callable and Spring DeferredResult

via Xavier Padró’s Blog: Understanding Callable and Spring DeferredResult.

Asynchronous support introduced in Servlet 3.0 offers the possibility to process an HTTP request in another thread. This is specially interesting when you have a long running task, since while another thread processes this request, the container thread is freed and can continue serving other requests.

This topic has been explained many times, but there seems to be a little bit of confusion regarding those classes provided by the Spring framework which take advantage of this functionality. I am talking about returning Callable and DeferredResult from a @Controller.

In this post I will implement both examples in order to show its differences.

Add Spring dependencies to a Maven project

via Add Spring dependencies to a Maven project | Easy Java SE.

In my previous post I described how to begin to create Spring MVC web application using Maven on Spring Tool Suite. This post is also related to previous post and here I’m going to move with add Spring nature to the project that I have created in last post. This is very simple.