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Java – Spring Security Bare Essentials (Annotated)

Tools: IntelliJ IDEA 14 Maven 3 Spring Security 4 Spring MVC 4 Tomcat 7 This guide is focused on providing the bare minimum for setting up a secured website (and assumes you can successfully run your site locally using Spring). The tools listed above is what I use to run my project so that will […]


Spring Security Part 1 – Simple Login application with database

via Looping around with Rajith…: Spring Security Part 1 – Simple Login application with database.

Spring security is a framework that provides security solution, handling authentication and authorization at both the web request level and the method level. Spring security handle security in two ways. One is secure web request and other one is restrict access at the URL level. Spring security uses servlet filters.

In this post I’m going to create a simple web application that handle the login authentication and authorization.

Download project :  http://www.mediafire.com/?bb9x88uxvkb0uuv